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Gothic Line

La Linea Gotica (in tedesco Gotenstellung, in inglese Gothic Line) fu una poderosa linea difensiva fortificata, che attraversava l’Italia da est a ovest, costruita dall'esercito tedesco nell'Italia settentrionale durante le fasi finali della campagna d'Italia durante la seconda guerra mondiale. Ciò che resta delle trincee e delle postazioni lasciate dall’esercito tedesco durante la sua ritirata,  é diventato un museo all’aria aperta, che si può visitare passeggiando tra i boschi dell’Appennino Tosco-Emiliano grazie alla segnaletica ed ai pannelli informativi presenti lungo il percorso.

Saint Francis Walk - From Rimini to la Verna

This trail was inaugurated in 2013 for the eight hundredth anniversary of the passing of Saint Francis through Valmarecchia and of the gift of Mount Verna, which happened in San Leo. This trail winds through a beautiful landscape, featuring the Marecchia River and steep cliffs topped with walled villages. The section of Apennines that connects Valmarecchia to La Verna is set deep in the mountains in the woods with long sections along the mountain ridges.

The Candid Trail

This long  walking route is almost fully marked. In close cooperation with the Italian Alps´climbers Club (CAI), the rest of the horizontal and vertical trails, where missing, will be soon marked. Not many are missing since a part of the walk overlaps with the San Vicinio -walk, the Alta Via del Parchi-parks trail and other paths of CAI, recent and old ones, in good conditions. This walk crosses 5 Municipalities of which 4 in Emilia-Romagna region (Sant'Agata Feltria, Casteldelci, Verghereto, Pennabilli) and one in Tuscany (Badia Tedalda).Total length is 118 km,  easily walkable in 7 days.

The Parks' Upper Roads

A long hike in the Northern Apennines.