Documented since the XII century with the name of Casale d'Ilice, it was dominated by the bishops of Montefeltro and subsequently by the rector of Massa Trabaria.
It then passed under the control of the della Faggiola, family from which the famous Uguccione was born, head of the Ghibellines of Italy, lord of Pisa and Lucca.
The fate of the town then passed under the control of the Perfetti da Vico and Guidobaldo da Montefeltro.
It then passed in 1502 to Cesare Borgia, in 1517 to Lorenzo de Medici and to the municipality of Florence, then again to the Dukes of Urbino in 1522.

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Located in the historic center of the town, it dates back to 1100 and is the highest of the town's civic towers.

House Museum Sandro Colarieti

Housed in an old house in the historic center of Casteldelci is the Sandro Colarieti House Museum, the Uguccione della Faggiola archaeological museum.

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